Whether you imagine about your New Year’s goals, or you want a difference in your life beginning right now notwithstanding the date, it’s important to sit down and examine yourself with some thought-provoking questions that will help you get clear on where you are and what you want. If you don’t, then you will place your goals that are weak, unimportant, or too difficult to get to, which will end up in failure.

Not sure what to ask yourself? Below given are 13 inspiring questions that will help you get clear on your goals. So, take out some paper or your favourite text editor and answer all one of them. As you answer them one by one, you will create a plan for your life. When you are completed with all of them, you can go through your answers, go sheer on what you need to do, and create a goal list that excites you.‌

What are your true intentions in life?
‌Intentions aren’t particular goals. Intentions are the reason that you plan goals. They are your motives, such as being in joy, being wealthy, having success, living in peace, or living healthy. Intentions are what make your goals worth reaching.

‌For example, if your motive is to lose weight it’s not about dropping some lbs, it’s about how you will feel about yourself when you lose weight or what you will do when you drop some lbs. Your intention may be to get comfortable with your body.

‌Intentions are the motives behind your goals, so it’s necessary to get transparent so that you can make objects that line up with what you truly want. A finished plan could look like this, “I aim to bring a huge amount of money in a month, feel good about my body, and have a feeling of peace with everyone I know.”

‌Do not bother about how it would seem to other people. Be bright with your big dreams in life and write them down.

What would you do if you couldn’t slip?
‌This is one of those questions that will help you discover what goals would help you realise your intentions. Don’t restrict yourself! Don’t remember what other people would want. Don’t believe how you believe you should be living your life. Instead, answer the question from your heart.

‌It’s necessary not to conclude that answers that come out. Pen down the first thing that occurs to mind and doesn't overthink it. As you draft about what you would do, you will get inspired, excited, and transparent on what goals you want to create.

Are you open to receiving great things?
‌Are you in a positive state? Moreover, in case, you are in a negative state, then you must be thinking negative thoughts, and feeling negative though, which are all obstacles to approaching your goals. Negativity keeps you close-minded and will keep you back from getting what you need most in life. It will deceive you when possibilities start, and it will slow you down when barriers arise. You have to be open to experience great things. You ought to be confident and full of positive energy. Also, if you are not, but you want to, then that should fit a goal you need to build.

‌Plan to reset your mind to modify your beliefs, mindset, and attitude. No matter how shut you are to success right now, you can change your perspective on it by practising some means to help you change your thoughts in a way to provide you all the energy you need to manifest any goals you want to take in your life.

What are some particular goals that will help you achieve your intentions?
‌After you get clear on your plans, you can begin to set some specific long-term goals, as you will have the finest illusion of what you need to do to bring your goals into your life. For example, if you plan to bring a large sum of money into your development, then you may select that you want to earn $1 million in 6 years. Keep these penned down on a piece of paper or Word for now. You may find yourself switching them somewhat after you keep going through the rest of these questions.

What do you want to accomplish in one year?
‌You have some purposes that may take years to finish, so it’s an opportunity to sit down and consider about what you would need to finish within a year towards those purposes. One year is plenty that you can accomplish something big, but short enough that you can build some action monthly, weekly, and periodic goals and moves to get there.

‌If you believe that one year isn’t sufficient time to complete the type of goal you want, note yourself that progress can happen very fast once you get on the right path and do the right stuff. You could even achieve a goal that you think would take a year in six months or less. You don’t know what’s going to occur or what events you will get. Hence, make sure the goal is big enough that it alarms you a little, but not so tiny that you can go around for a year and still prepare the goal.

What surprises do you want to manifest in 1 year?
‌Ask yourself if you could mark up special events and people in your life to help you accomplish your goals, what would they be? Would you move to attend a seminar that encourages you to achieve your goals?

‌Pen down the results you get and put them on a vision board. The focus on having wonderful help and inspiration pop up in your life will help you have your eyes open for that excellent help and inspiration! You may be amazed, everything on your image board may come to move within the year.

Are you dreaming big enough?
‌Awe of lack of success and doubt of success can cause us to make fewer goals that we want. Have a look at the plans and goals you have created and decide if you imagine big enough. This will demand that you get straight with yourself because your concerns will try to command the way you see your purposes and objects.

‌Relax and be patient, take a look at your intentions and goals, and hear the voice in your gut – the voice that is conversing louder than the fear if you believe satisfying about what you have jotted down, then good! If you feel like you are not concentrating on your true desires or potential, then get transparent on what you want.

What actions do you  need to take towards your goals?
‌What kind of action, weekly action, monthly action, or even yearly action do you want to take? The action is what shows your goals, so having action plans in the section will help you progress towards your goals.

‌If you don’t get it, then you need to seek out other people who reached their goals and practice them to inspire you towards what you want to do. If they have a plan, use it. If not, prepare your plan based on their journey.

‌As you read them, you will find a few tips and techniques that you can utilise to do the almost the same, and these will be the steps that help you attain your goals.‌

How can you track your progress?
‌Planning goals and then not having a track of your progress is a misuse of time. You can go all over the place and nevermore end up getting to your goal. In other terms, just as you keep a record of what ways you are going forward to reach somewhere high, you have to keep a record of where you are going to attain your goals. While you can see how you are preparing towards your goals, you make it simpler to do what you should do for completion and prefer quicker paths, which shows your goals are more likely to show.

Do you have enough support?
‌Meanwhile, it comes to questions, this is necessary. If you need to take effort, then having a supporter continuously is a good idea. Not only a support system motivates you to keep going, but they can keep you liable.

‌You can find assistance with same-minded people. Therefore, for every goal you obtain, try to get some support community where you can share concerns, communicate with other people, and stay liable as you move along towards your aims. You may also need to pick a coach to help you stay on track. Health coaches, success coaches, and life coaches all have concepts and tips to assist you to do what you should do and stay on the path.

How will you get through roadblocks?
‌On the approach to your goals, you fit to come across roadblocks that you will require to master if you want to remain on your path. This is one of those questions that will help you produce some ideas for times when things are seeming harsh. It’s necessary to have some plans in position for your purposes that you can point to when a roadblock appears.‌

How much can you really handle?
‌Making five goals for each area of your life may seem right at the moment, but as you know that you don’t have the time or energy to finish them all, they will start to fall off one by one. That indicates your belief in yourself and your motivation will go down, and that can happen in all of your goals being lost. Get accurate with how much time you have to reach your goals. If you have a rare hour a day to manage your success goals, then you want to generate actionable steps within the time frame.

What’s most important to you?
‌Once you understand how much time you have in your workday to apply to your goals, choose the ones that are most ‌related to you. You can always keep some goals for later on after you have finished what you want to do utmost. Don’t get depressed because you are leaving goals behind for a while. Running towards something is better than running towards nothing at all. So, I hope you have understood the fact.‌


So, you must have been all charged up to set up new goals. Best of luck with setting new goals. Also, if you find any problem with the new goal setting, feel free to share it with us.