When you look at your childhood, you will be able to remember all the productivity lessons your parents taught you. Although you had a hard time following them at that time, now you can truly value them. These are the real gifts any parent can offer. So, let's discuss them briefly as these are the cornerstones of productivity.

Take Notes  

You might have seen your parents taking notes of some things. As time has changed from pen and paper to digital notes, you can make notes in your phone. Alternatively, try to save a reminder to get things done. This habit will save your time and also you can keep track of your records. This will make you more focused and up to date on time.

Put things back where they belong

You might also have a hard time trying to understand what your parents want. Especially your mother, she always wanted you to keep your clothes and things well-organised. Doesn't she? So actually, it's a great thing to keep things well organised. This is an effortless yet effective way of getting things done.

Don’t leave things for the last moment

You must have heard about Parkinson's law. If not, it says, 'work expands to fill the time available for its completion.' Moreover, it's so true. You should not leave things to time. Better to complete it before time.

Pack your stuff the night before

I love this habit of packing stuff a night before the day starts. Your parents must have told you to pack your bags a day before, so you don't have to hustle in the morning.

Take good care of your stuff

Whether new or old you need to take care of your stuff. Just keep your things in good condition so, it will pay you back in a proper manner. The rule is straightforward and easy; you get what you give.

The more you communicate, the more you’ll be understood

The more you will talk, the less you will stay away from assumptions. Because it gives a clear view about you. So, better you communicate to get understood.

Napping is an excellent way for restarting your day

This is the most fabulous way to reduce your work stress for some minutes at least. All you have to do is to get some time out from your busy schedule and take a nap. It will bring out the instant energy in you, and you are ready for work, again. Make sure to take 15 to 20 minutes of nap not more than that. If you do so, you will end up feeling like a bear.

Patience is a virtue

Remember how your parents kept patience when you were learning something. That is the real definition of patience one can ever witness. The amount of time our parents have given us to grow up as a smart child is tremendous. I have learned from them that everything takes time. Also, for the enormous time, you need patience. You must learn the natural state of things and work within it.

Focus on a team vs. self

Many guardians take note of that there's an unlocking that happens when you have a kid, you turn out to be more aware of the effect you have on the lives of others and are more dedicated than any other time in recent memory to see your youngsters develop and flourish. This inclination frequently advances to your group. ‌‌

‌‌While we're altogether focused around developing ourselves, remember that the development of a partner can be similarly as vital to the achievement of your group. Set aside a few minutes for tea, help a younger colleague learn new aptitudes, and try to be a guide if your organisation offers such chances.

Prioritisation is key to survival

As a parent, something you need to make sense of immediately is the way you can show signs of betterment at time administration and prioritisation. Start saying no when it is needed to save yourself from any fall.

Compassionate leadership

There are numerous ways to deal with power management and authority, and there's virtually nobody right approach to lead, yet being tuned in to your partners and reports can add to a superior workplace for everybody.

Set your clear desires

On the off chance that your teammate has a reasonable comprehension of what's normal, will probably do excellent work and successfully convey concerns. Make a general space for one on one meeting for requesting and giving input and ensure that desires are in every case clear. Your objective ought to be to make a gathering of the brains to guarantee everybody is in agreement and progressing in the direction of similar objectives. ‌

Tune in and identify

You invest a considerable measure of energy hunting down arrangements; you're attempting to hear what they're stating and how they're moving toward an issue. A unique amongst other things you can improve the situation a partner and yourself is to genuinely comprehend the issue with a specific end goal to locate a coordinating arrangement.

Setting an example and making deliberate choices

You must have seen your parents setting good examples for you. Right from birth, they start to teach you things that will benefit you in the future. Every parent desires their child to become successful. All their lives they have been setting good examples for us to motivate. So, as a mentor or even if you are a team person, it's your responsibility to set good examples and take the right decisions on time.‌‌

Let it go

The lesser you carry, the more productive you become. I've learned this lesson from my parents. I've seen them at peer pressures and how they managed to make us happy. So, this is an essential thing for a mentor and everyone else too. It will reduce your working capability, and you end up being out of time. You need to think about long-term goals. You as a mentor should help your team members instead of pointing mistakes. It can happen some of your employees might face issues dealing with deadlines or public speaking. You as a mentor need to help everyone out there. You need to think from where they are not where you are right now. ‌

Teamwork is important

Teamwork is always important. Like you might have seen your parents doing things together. From there you can learn the way of getting things done as a team. Teamwork is always essential whether at home or the office. You need to be an excellent team player first.

Being in tune with our emotional selves

By keeping in mind that the more significant part of us have figured out how to deal with our excited state at work, our physical and mental prosperity impacts our efficiency — we're better at lying about it as grown-ups.

At the point when your teammate appears separated, baffled, or surprise, consider that they might manage something outside of work that is adversely affecting their capacity to team up, impart, or complete things. Being delicate to one another's states can prompt a superior relationship as well as can enable that person to conquer difficulties and create their best work.‌‌
‌‌As to finish up, we as a whole had a difficult time managing our adolescence. Nonetheless, these efficiency exercises were exhausting around then however now you can genuinely value its estimation. You can make them the essential principles of your life. What's more, for you and your organisation's development, you should share these lessons with everyone.