‌If you are a working professional or a college student, you must be balancing office, home, classes, activities, internships, and also side projects too. You must be facing many issues altogether. If yes, we have some suggestions for you. We are back again today on how to be more productive with these applications.

1. Grammarly

Despite your profession, if you are a pro in grammar, it will benefit you in many ways. Moreover, in case if you are weak in grammar, you are just in the right place. We have an application that will remove all your worries for writing. Grammarly is an application that is just right for you. Grammarly is a writing improvement platform designed to proofread and polish your writing. It is present in both free, and premium subscription. Grammarly also occurs with a chrome plugin that will correct your writing in Gmail, LinkedIn, and other online services.  Grammarly will not just save you from typing errors, but it will also improve your writing skills.

2.  Dropbox

Dropbox saves your files safely in the cloud, where an unfortunate coffee spill or pc malfunction can't erase them forever.‌
‌Records saved in Dropbox are available from any place and can be immediately shared with anyone else using a custom-generated link. If you're going to be sharing files with someone or a group of people regularly, you can also create a shared folder that everyone has access to, so he or she can add and copy what he or she needs. By this means there are no questions asked about "Who has the latest version of this file?" or "Where did we save that?" as you pass files among team members.‌

Some Dropbox Tips:
‌Download the Dropbox application for your computer so that you have a folder that syncs with your Dropbox account. When you begin working with a team, create a new shared Dropbox folder and give everyone access to it. That means, there are no questions about who has which files.

3.  Evernote/ Onenote

I have years of journals and notebooks in boxes within the basement of my childhood home. Altogether honestly, I’ll most likely never return and look at them. Thankfully, currently, there’s Evernote. This app permits you to store notes, Web pages, photos, emails, and a good style of different files and then syncs them across all of your devices so your notes area unit with you in the least times. You'll even record and save audio files.

‌I use Evernote to stay track of everything: meeting notes, call notes, frequent flier account numbers, looking lists, unforgettable emails, future book ideas and additional. Everything is searchable, therefore in contrast to those boxes filled with notebooks, I currently go back and sit down with my many notes all the time.

4.  Google Docs

Google offers a beautiful suite of online apps for making any piece of writing text documents, spreadsheets, and shows. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are cooperative, that means 2 or additional folks will edit constant file promptly. Google Suite additionally includes its file-syncing service, letting you work offline.

5.  Linkedin

Connections are everything, and this is true. Linkedin is the app which is proving this statement right. So, if you are in your early colleges, it will be a plus point for you to make an account. You can make many connections. Also, you can find various jobs out there. It's an application for building your network.  So, what are you waiting for? Start building your connections.

6.  Instagram

Many people using Instagram as a social media platform but you can make money out of it. Also, as a professional, you can improve your online presence. Since you are in the early stage, can use it productively. There are already many people out there having their presence, and they are working efficiently at a very tender age.

7.  Google Hangouts

Hangout is an excellent platform where you can do calls, video calls and send messages too.  There you can have video conversations with 25 people for free. Many people use Gmail, and from there you can create a group on hangouts. So, you have a group to chat in while you're working together.

8.  Trello

Trello lets you design "cards" for things that need to get done and organize those cards into different lists. Trello is a free project management application. If you know the Kanban project management system, Trello offers a related solution:  you have a list of things you're "Doing," a list of "To-Dos," and a list of items that are "Done." As you make progress, you shift cards from one column to the next so, you can see your improvement over time.

‌It's a powerful tool for maintaining long-term projects since the cards and lists display much information at a glance. You can also attach files to Trello cards, assign cards to teammates, give cards due dates, and see a card's progress.

‌Some Trello Tips:

Whenever you start a new group project, create a board in Trello especially for that project and combine your team to it. Once everyone is on board, add lists for the various stages, such as "doing" "to-do" and "done" and then begin with placing cards.‌

9.  Duolingo

Duolingo is a great tool for mastering new languages. Right from French, Spanish, German, you can learn any language. Since you are still in the training phase; you can pick this tool without a doubt. Try on a guarantee, and you will be obsessed with it.

10.  Amazon

Amazon is the only place where you can buy anything. Since you are at the early stage of your college, you can get thousands of books from there that too just in half from their old books section. You can buy anything like anything from there. They sell everything from A to Z, and it is visible in their logo.

11.  Google Drive

Google Drive offers you a folder on your pc that you can store files therein are mechanically secured online for safe keeping. You'll share these documents with others, and build shared folders that collaborators will access. Google offers you 15 GB of free storage to use with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

‌The big profit that Google Drive has over Dropbox is that it's integrated with Google Docs. Which means you'll create, share, and edit documents online, and save them on to your Google Drive folders, rather than just causing documents back and forth.

12.  Focus

Do you daily check Facebook, Instagram, or alternative social media channels to procrastinate on a project? You may be doing it while not even noticing.‌

‌Much young skilled uses a fast social media break as an opportunity to flee professional comes or tasks. The focus could be a Google Chrome plugin that enables you to block websites for a particular amount of your time whereas you wish to specialize in obtaining work done.

‌So, if it's crunch time on a project you're performing on, just set Focus to disable your access to Facebook or the other distracting channel. Over time, your social media clicking habits can disappear, and your productivity can increase!

13.  Tape a Call

Does your new career need you to speak on the phone often? In professions like sales, journalism, recruiting, and management, talking on the phone could be a massive part of the regular tasks.

‌Whether you wish to record a decision or essential business call along with your boss and therefore the shopper you're operating with, have to be compelled to take notes for a brand new story, record a language with a possible candidate, or wish to boost your skilled skills to drive a lot of sales, recording phone calls may be useful once simply commencing in your career.

‌TapeACall could be a highly-rated mobile app that enables you to record, save, and share crucial phone conversations on your iPhone or mechanical man smartphone. As a result of you can not record phone calls by default either iOS or mechanical man, TapeACall is the best resolution to document these substantive skilled phone conversations. The TapeACall app removes the trouble of taking decision notes, providing documentation of a business language, and far more!

14.  Doodle

Let's say five folks have to be compelled to find the time and date to satisfy that works for everybody. You'll begin an email thread and waste half daily tracking replies. Otherwise, you may use Doodle.com. Doodle helps you effortlessly found out polls for planning. It's free to use, and respondents do not even have to be compelled to be part of to feature their responses. Doodle cuts down on free email and streamlines planning a success. Paid accounts add some further options, like the power to mechanically send reminders before the appointed time and date and ad-free expertise.

15.  Pocket

I know this can be a bold statement. However, Pocket could also be my favorite app of all time. Here’s what it does: Let’s say you bump into an editorial or video whereas sitting at your table, however, you don’t have time to scan or watch it at that moment. Put it aside to Pocket, and therefore the article or video are going to be awaiting you whenever you have got time. I take loads of e-newsletters. Therefore I’ve developed the habit of quickly scanning them within the morning and adding something attention-grabbing to Pocket. Then, over time, I scan the saved content whereas I’m in an exceedingly cab, waiting in an exceedingly long line or reading before bed. You don’t even want an online affiliation to look at your saved things.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download any useful application according to your needs.