Employees are the first essential asset of any organization.

They play a crucial role in guaranteeing their future success. Thus, it is smart that corporations take additional efforts to contour their performance management method. Corporations with successful performance management method are ready to have interaction staff and make sure that they're extracting the most effective out of the existing potential. All these efforts culminate in up the lowest line of the corporate.

‌Although the world of work is ever-changing speedily, some corporations still have faith in ancient ways of managing performance. These ways might have worked with in the past; however, it's time to measure their existence. Because of the complications and time overwhelming nature of spreadsheets and documents, several corporations are more and more turning towards higher alternatives for performance management.

‌Besides the past several years, some have wanted to seek out higher ways of managing performance within the work. Here we have known five corporations who have fully modified the manner employee performance is maintained. One issue that's common across of these corporations is that they notice the importance of frequency of assessments.

‌Five corporations with the key to winning performance management.


Any list that talks regarding winning performance management cannot be complete without Google. Indeed it stands at the highest of this list, being our favorite. Google abolished its numerical performance scoring system in 2014 and replaced it with a review system, that leverages OKRs or Objectives and Key Results goal setting framework.‌

‌Here, reviews are disbursed quarterly or semi-annually. Reviewers are asked to notice one issue the worker being reviewed ought to do more of and one point that ought to be done distinctly.‌

‌Managers then confirm wherever to grade a worker on a 5-point scale wherever five is “superb” through to 1 “needs improvement” supported the peer reviews. This kind of cooperative approach helps to forestall feedback bias to an extraordinary extent. The assessments are shared with a collection of examples to justify the analysis, be it positive or negative.‌


Netflix has conjointly moved away from annual reviews to a lot of common feedback method. Their philosophy is easy. By talking merely and honestly regarding worker performance daily, you're sure to get sensible results eventually. All you have got to try to is point the staff in the right direction whenever they are going wide.‌

‌They target building a culture of high-frequency feedback, one amongst the critical parts of Agile Performance Management. It's undoubtedly helped them reap great advantages in recent years.‌


Deloitte antecedently relied on annual 360-degree feedback that resulted in them wasting two million hours annually (Source). They discovered that there was a significant drop by worker engagement likewise as performance levels. They wished to introduce a far more agile, period and individualized method that would concentrate on developing performance instead of merely evaluating it.‌

‌A couple of highlights regarding the new performance reviews optimum frequency ought to be weeklyCarry out regular check-ins regarding near-time work initiated by team members. The thought behind this new method is that folks tend to have an interest in their insights, achievements, and contribution. Fortunate performance management processes are those wherever corporations will facilitate people to become a lot of engaged in their performance.


‌Adobe conjointly believes that regular feedback and check-ins are lots a lot of necessary than ever before. They need already scrapped their performance review systems. Once introducing an expected arrival program, the corporate was ready to achieve a half-hour reduction in voluntary turnover rate.‌

‌Another modification led to by this methodology is that involuntary departures have up by five hundredths. The rationale being, the rise in ‘tough discussions’ between managers and staff WHO are significantly combating performance problems. Rather than waiting around for a consequent performance review cycle, these discussions will surface throughout one amongst the frequent review sessions.‌
‌It’s best to spot problems before they become significant issues.


Accenture got obviate their rating system some of the years agone and replaced it with a lot of versatile systems, during which staff receives timely feedback from their managers on current associate basis once their work begins.‌
‌It is a conscious move by the highest level to maneuver removed from micromanagement and let staff concentrate on doing what they are doing best. After all, it takes a substantial quantity of effort to urge the right folks for the proper roles. If this condition has been happy, then it doesn’t be to own a rigorous performance management system. They're going to get the results that are expected out of them eventually.‌

‌There are a variety of different corporations (and startups as well) who are turning out with a new approach for managing performance. With time, they too may notice quality once they're ready to remodel their work culture.‌
‌As 2017 involves an in-depth, it's time to appear forward for newer performance management trends that would assist you in achieving 2018. Here are three things that have the power to confirm winning performance management globally:

‌A culture of continuous feedback and performance management.

You are investing in robust performance management systems.

Chat-bots to ease the method.