Humans never knew that except food, water, and air, social media might become one amongst the staples for them.

However, everything in excess is toxic for health, and taking this quite seriously the technical majors are setting up reasonable efforts to curb our social media addiction.

Jumping onto the same healthy bandwagon when Google and Apple, Facebook has currently created it is your Time On Facebook’ feature official. So, let’s tell you concerning it.

What is ‘Your Time On Facebook?

Quite visibly, the new feature helps you retain track of the time you pay on the world’s hottest social networking web site. And once you discover concerning the overuse, you'll be able to add some changes to curb the usage. Of course, this may lead the North American nation to a way healthier physical and mental way that we tend to appear to possess given up an extended time agone.

Here’s however you'll be able to use some time On Facebook tool:

The very first step includes opening the Facebook app and go on the hamburger menu at the highest right corner.

Scroll down a bit and click on on the Settings and Privacy possibility. On the third place lies the new ‘Your Time On Facebook’ feature. Simply faucet thereon to urge started.

How the new tool appears:

The new setting has the typical time spent on the app within the past seven days listed on the highest. This is often followed by a chart that has the info for the week.

As we tend to head down the page, the time spent on Facebook calculator has News Feed and Friends shortcuts for you to line the desired settings from the ‘Your Time On Facebook’ section itself.

Another option is that the Set Daily Reminder that permits you to line daily timers to inform you once you exceed the typical time used on Facebook.

In the last, the tool provides you with the Manage Your Notifications possibility which can allow you to go for the Facebook notifications you would like to receive. Also, there's a choice to mute notifications if you don’t need Facebook to disturb you for a long time.

Some Misses By some time On Facebook:

Now that we all know the essential whats and hows concerning the new time calculator, we've got few things that the feature lacks, and that we would possibly want to urge shortly:

The new Facebook time hunter fails to treat your usage as a full and shows completely different method time on the various devices you handle Facebook on. This may refrain you from hard some time on Facebook in total.

Another miss by Facebook is that the tool doesn’t disable the app once the app usage exceeds despite constant reminders, one thing Apple’s Screen Time feature has.

Hope the arrival of some time On Facebook tool decreases the quantity standing on Facebook now.