It’s halfway through the year and Halloween is almost here. And I am going to finish my goals list before the current years over.

While talking about goals you must have heard people giving you advice on how you can accomplish your goals sooner. You should likewise have experienced this counsel session sooner or later. And there comes a time when you think you don’t need that just because it’s not right. But how will you know that it’s not good for you? Here I’ll let you know, how you can unheard the worst advice just by reading this. So, let’s get started.

‘You don’t need to write your goals.’

No, you need to write your goals. And you need to write them somewhere where you can check up on them daily. Take some time out from your busy life and write down your goals. Writing is a good sort of determination. It gives you power over your words and surely when you get power, you are easy to achieve that goal.

‘When you are ready it will happen organically.’

When you are ready, you need to make things happen. Nothing will happen organically. There is no such thing exist. When talking about goals you need to set everything, you need to make a plan. You can’t leave anything on luck or you can't just wait for a chance to make your goals done. You, only you can make it happen through it. When you set your goals you need to be sure what you want to achieve and you have to make it happen.

‘Take your time.’

Do take your time but you need to set your deadline. Without setting deadline you just can’t go further. You can just rest and think that you have enough time and you will end up going out of deadline. So, better you take your time but set your deadlines too. Without setting deadlines you won’t go further. Better to make your time worthy.

‘Your goal should be a moving target so, you don’t get bored.’

To be very honest one should always have rock solid goals. The simple fundamental is how you can achieve a goal that is always moving. If your goal is a moving target, you won't be able to pay too much of your attention. You can achieve your goal only with all your attention and devotion.

‘If you can imagine, you can do it.’

Have you at any point saw a fantasy you could fly? Think about what, you can't, all things considered. The point here is you have to set sensible objectives. Don't simply leave your ability and set a few objectives that you can't accomplish. This will just lead you to a major disappointment and gloom as well. Endeavor to be genuine with your objectives and on the ground as well. Mockery! Truly, intended.

‘Setting your time frame will make you work harder.’

You need to set a goal which is possible in the given or marked time frame. Say for instance you want to make a website and you have only one day for the whole coding, designing, and developing. So, what do you think it will be possible for a team to create a whole website in a day? No, right. So, the thing is simple, keep up the good work and on time. And one should always pay attention to simulate work so that it will complete before the given time.

‘You don’t have to check up on your goals, periodically.’

You need to check up on your goals periodically, period. You must know about your progress and your small achievements. And when you keep up the track of your records, you hit the bull’s eye. See information is everything these days. So better you check up on your goals.

‘Once you set your goal you don’t need to break into small chunks.’

In the starting year, we are full of enthusiasm and great energy. And with every new year comes new goals and responsibilities. But have you ever thought that zeal might end someday? So, you should be disciplined instead of motivated.  Because of this reason we need to break our bigger goals into smaller chunks. These chunks should be attainable and measurable. So, as to complete the large goals you need to break it into small chunks.

If you are trying to achieve your goals, just stay away from the misguided advice. Maybe some of the advice will benefit you in future but it will derail you from your motive.

So, as to conclude let's just start revising positive goals you should follow,

  • You need to write your goals.
  • Make goals happen.
  • Take your time but do set timeline.
  • Your goal should be rock solid.
  • Be imaginative with sensible goals.
  • Set the real-time goals.
  • You need to check your goals periodically.
  • You must be disciplined to achieve attainable and measurable goals.
  • You should set measurable, achievable goals, those are attainable and focused.

When you achieve your goals it will give you a confidence and you can go further with another goal. As we all know 2018 is about to end so, make sure you will set achievable and focused goals.

here is to all your upcoming goals!